About Sarah

Nearly a decade ago I left my childhood home—a farm in nowhere-ville-Montana—to do an internship at the International house of Prayer, here in Kansas City. I was hungry for more of God, so I went searching.


Leaving my chore boots behind, I was unknowingly walking headlong into an occupational change. I say unknowingly not because I was unaware that I was moving 1000 miles away from the family farm but because I was unaware that I would never return. I committed to six-months but had strong intentions of returning to my tractor days.

However, as I spent time in the house of prayer the dreams in my heart were becoming clearer—and they were very different than I had originally thought. My idea of having a home just a mile down the gravel road from the farm was slowly beginning to fade as I was beginning to see my home in the prayer room.


Locking arms with my monthly financial partners I am now in full-time ministry. My primary assignment is to minister to the Lord through worship and prayer. And my part in the great commission is to “pray to the Lord of the Harvest to raise up laborers.” This not only is my job but it is also my joy.

 I am one who loves the Word, who is always looking for ways to make people laugh, who enjoys friendships deeply and finds joy in hard work.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a writer but I love words. I enjoy putting them together to express my heart and my journey in discovering this beautiful Man from Nazareth. I hope that you too may see a glimpse of Him through my weak words.