God has spoken, He has Come

“God doesn’t see, He doesn’t care.” —this age-old-accusation is continually trying to work its way into our hearts. This lie that is ever present to speak when our circumstances are not what we desire and our hearts are weary with the cares of this life.

Just like in the garden the lie comes subtly to accuse God of being silent. Distant.


But God has spoken. He has come.

With undesirable circumstances and cares weighing heavy, I’m being undone once again by the Incarnation—the Word who is speaking God’s deep desire for nearness.

Through the Son, God’s heart is made known. The incarnation—this fragrance poured out for us to experience— causes us to know Him, to hear His heart. Before He came, before taking on our frame and walking with us, all we could do is wonder at the Mystery.

It’s like a sealed bottle of perfume with the fragrance hidden. Staring at the bottle speculations could be made about the fragrance contained within but it’s not known until the pouring forth.  By breaking the bottle open and pouring out the perfume the fragrance can then be experienced. The room fills with the aroma—it is known. So too is the incarnation. Through the pouring forth of the Son, the fragrance of God was made known. This cracking open of His heart, this pouring out of Himself, has caused the fragrance of His name to fill all the ages. The Mystery has been revealed—now we can know what God is like.


He gave us revelation of Himself. Why? Because He wanted His heart to be known. He wanted us to experience Him. The fragrance of who He is can never be taken away, the truth has been spoken—God is near.

Just as it is impossible to take perfume and put it back in a bottle, it is impossible for the fragrance of the incarnation to stop speaking of the deep desire in the heart of God.  He has opened His heart to us, now we know Him. His desire for nearness was proclaimed clearly through the Word-made-flesh. The incarnation is forever declaring the truth of His heart—“I am near. With you.”

Listen.  Hear Him. Experience the fragrance of His name. Everything Jesus said and all that He did is declaring, “This is what God is like!”

Even consider how He came as a baby. What does this say about Him?

There is fragrance here.

God in a manger—this a beautiful fragrance given for us to draw nearer. Just as you would draw near and hold a newborn baby, the fragrance of His humble coming is drawing us close and speaking to us, “I am close. Here, with you. Embrace me.”  The Word is speaking.


No matter the circumstance, no matter the accusations that pull at the heart. We have been given truth. The Word has spoken and the Word is speaking, making known the desires in the heart of God. Through the pages of the Gospels we can hear Him, saying, “I am here. Near. Present.”

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